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Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 22:57:08 +0100
Subject: Re: Language, music

Thanks MichaelP,

you wrote:

>I wonder whether you might also love Stockhausen's 'Stimmung' for 6
>solo voices (following 6 electronic tones) going on for ages and only
>slowly changing: a kind of state of almost 'classical' stillness pervades
>this entirely modern piece. It feels like a 'thing' that persists, that just
>is and is just so, a being.
>"the ringing of stillness..." [Heidegger, somewhere...]

Alas, i'v never heard Stockhausen's 'Stimmung', it must be a wonderful
piece; --- oh sure, i love Stockhausen's mousikes very much, from the
young and wild post-serial composer to the later mystical enchanter.

One of the works i love most is his "Atmen gibt das Leben . . . " for
choral opera with orchestra (1977), in there he shows himself not only
a brillant composer, but also a man who knows his way with words.

The text of this composition, written by Stockhausen, brings together
(or better: sings together) the secret presence (absence?) of true life
(Jesus), contrasted with, but nevertheless strangely related to, the
creative dynamics of 'birth and death' in world of quatum physics; all
of which is scaffolded (and totalized) by, as quotes, three Haiku's and
one sentence each from Socrates, St. Thomas' Gospel, and Meister
Eckehart, read and enjoy ....



"Atmen gibt das Leben . . . " *

I        Breathing gives life,
          but only singing gives the form.

II   1. If i sing for me, you sing for you.
          If i sing for you, you will sing for me.

      2. CHRIST was here, secret messenger,
          disguised as man with a normal body.
          HE brought the news to the crew of the captured planet,
          that the loved ones wait in the homeland,
          and that the Cause is not yet lost:
          Everyone sould try to free himself at his own
          risk from Satania,
          and to the one who dares.
          a boat will be sent in night and fog . . .

      3. With a bull on board
          a little boat glides across the river
          through the evening rain (HAIKU:Shiki)

      4. A ray of muons shoots for kilometers
          through human beings, blocks of houses.
          Voices, pictures, signals of all kinds
          can be sent with muons.

      5. When the mesons, the putty which holds atoms together,
          muons are born, with the life span of two-millionths
          of a second,
          before they can conceive an electron.
          And during this life of two-millionths of a second,
          a muon can make a distant journey

      6. HE came from the center of the universe
          and Lucifer could not stop HIM.

      7. Even ghostlier particles are neutrinos,
          which penetrate in a straight line through the Earth.
          They are riding to us on cosmic rays,
          on mysterious waves from interstellar space.
          (he, Eve - - - oh, Adam - - - - - - - -
          When the mesons - - - - o it with the muons - - -
          - - - - an electron results - - - - -
          - - - - - not to mention the neutrinos . . . - - - -)

III  8. They nabbed HIM, JESUS CHRIST,
          and hung him up together with a pair of gangsters:
                    HE KNEW FAR TOO MUCH !!!

      9. A world full of sorrow and pain:
          flowers blossom - even then . . . (HAIKU: Issa)

    10. They who have the least desire for things,
          are the closest to the gods. (Socrates)

    11. The stomach retires -
          the heart does overtime.

    12. And JESUS said:
                    "The foxes have their foxholes
                    and the birds of heaven have their nests,
                    but the Son of Man has no place,
                    where he can lay down his head."
                    (Gospel according to St. Thomas)

    13. Evening splendor
          there should be
          a blossoming yellow in it too. - - - (HAIKU: Buson)
          Between GOD and the soul, there is neither strangeness
          nor distance. (Meister Eckehart)

* translation by Suzanne Stephens

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