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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 03:37:14 -0800
Subject: Re: Why is there anything at all

>     Kenneth you said:
> >
> >I wonder how often the pondering of this question enters the conscious
> >forefront of the various individual minds here. For my mind, especially
> >over the past few years, it comes in, and always welcomely, at an average
> >of four or five times a day. It is the ultimate of all ultimates, the most
> >spectacular thought event that language can produce, nothing compares with
> >it, everything is subordinate to it.
> >
> >I suppose this frequency is accounted for in me most by the sky which,
> >whenever I get spare moments away from the hum of things, or to say,
> >whenever i can find a tractable moment that leads away from whatever
> >necessity of survival currently distracts I walk outside and scan across
> >the landscape and up into the distance above it. I especially like the blue
> >shades stolidly backgrounding the phrenic movement of determined storm
> >clouds earnestly fronting themselves before this questions racing vastness,
> >a vastness that encompasses space and time as if they were incidentals,
> >incidents of some beauty behind time that - - - is unspeakable
> [but we do speak]
> It is we who speak the sky
> Call the azure
> Have the lure
> Sky don't care
> Time flies
> [sorry, it's 5am, cannot sleep]
> michaelP

i meant unspeakable as a trope, like time flies, because for this question
there is no literal as yet, no crack in its utterness, no thesis about it
possible, inaccesible to science, and the only speak opening on it is the
ultimate form.ulating poetic interrogative "why" - -

insomnia inspires you, love your poem



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