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Subject: Re: Person Attacks: ('On' - "The Evil One")
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 12:52:37 -0800

>   But as the precious Spinoza observed:
> "Those things are good which bring about the preservation of the
> relation of motion and rest the human body parts have with one
> another ( i.e. convenientia, "what agrees with me");on the other
> hand, those things are bad which bring it about that the parts of the
> human body have a different relation of motion and rest to one
> another(i.e. disconvenientia)." Ethics, IV,39.
> Harmony is good because it comforts the  body parts in their relation
> to one another.Of course what's required forsuch  harmony to "work,"
> ( to be "good") is for one's mood to be rightly attuned.  Which would
> seem to connect with Michael Staples' line of work!

It is not obvious what happens when people agree or disagree. At least you
have done something to try to think something so worned out as "being
agreeable". Spinoza also says that something agrees with my nature if it
increases my power of action, my freedom. Goodness is a harmony with our
nature, an agreement on power... I'm no Spinoza or anything expert but what
is more is that attunement, harmonization comes about because of an
'abstraction' from _external causes_ which in a way is the power a passion
has over us. You know any passion, take anger as the most violent. Anger
restricts freedom because it is an external cause that takes away our power.
But power to what? Precisely, the power to remain the same, to persist in
harmonious existence, in the unity of a wholeness. To preserve something, to
take care of.... means something like this and so does saying, "I agree."

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