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Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 17:50:17 +0100
Subject: Re: Zollikon: Unconscious

Cologne 20-Dec-2001

Michael Staples schrieb Wed, 19 Dec 2001 18:44:16 -0800:

> This is from "A Heidegger Dictionary" by Michael Inwood. He writes (in the
> category of time):
> "Timeliness is ekstatisch, ecstatic, lit. stepping outside (itself). Its
> extemporizing consists in expansion into three Ekstasen, ecstases: Future,
> Present, and Past. Ecstasy is essential to it: It is not first an entity,
> which only later steps outside itself; its essence is to extemporize in the
> unity of the ecstases (BT, 329)."
> ??

I wouldn't say that 'ecstatic' means "lit. stepping outside (itself)". In fact,
Heidegger says explicitly to the contrary and rightly at SuZ:329 that
temporality "is not first a being that only later steps out of _itself_, but
rather its essence is temporalizing in the unity of the ecstasies."

If one wants to provide a literal translation of 'ecstatic', then it would be
'standing out' or 'out-standing'. With respect to temporality (Zeitlichkeit)
this means that in its temporalizing (temporality is tautologous: temporality
temporalizes), temporality stretches out into its three dimensions of future,
beenness ('past', Gewesenheit), and present. The tautologous nature of
temporality means that it is itself this bringing forth (Zeitigung) of its own
out-standing ecstasies. Die Zeitlichkeit zeitigt sich = Temporality brings
itself forth.

Heidegger's discussion of Zeitlichkeit in SuZ aims at uncovering the dimension
(which turns out to be three-dimensional time-space) within which the
three-pronged care-structure of Dasein is originally embedded. i.e. the three
ecstatic dimensions of temporality enable on a deeper, more originary level,
the out-standing, i.e. ek-sistential, structure of Dasein's care i) in going
toward itself in the future, ii) of coming back to itself in retrieving its
past and iii) in encountering beings in the present.

Only because Dasein/existence is embedded in timespace can it have the
three-pronged ek-sistential structure of care as its essence. Existence is in
its essence nothing other than this standing-out into timespace, this
stretchedness along the ecstasies of time.

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> Michael S.
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> > > Thank you Michael, I'll be chewing on this for a while. Another
> question:
> > > What does it mean for time to be "outside" itself? I'm having trouble
> > > grasping this. Don't quite get how something can be outside itself.
> >
> > Michael,
> > I don't get it either. What are you referring to?
> >
> > As I see it, we're in time-space.
> >
> > Michael

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