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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 22:48:28 -0600
Subject: Re: Philosophy and Political Action

hugh bone wrote:
> Issues and interests and discussions are easy - a "thousand points" of >light without the organization and focus to change consciousness or >stimulate action by the oppressed.

I say let there be a 1001 points of differends
Let us become the underground midnight thoughts 
Of a shining city on a hill

Let our politics be 
not electoral 
not grass roots
not proletarian
not demonstrations in the street
(although all of these at times may prove necessary)

Let our politics be found instead
in the life that attempts to live
outside the Western box
even as it recognises 
that this is impossible

As transgressive violets
indolently grow
in the cracks of the concrete
to persist in their compulsive beauty
beyond all oblivion

Pockets of autonomy
filled with resistance
some loose change
and accursed pleasure

pagan time

to put an end
to time
the time of work
the time of waiting
the time that others own
the time of their domination
where others accumulate
that which is ours

between our desires
and what is permitted
there must be eternal war
ambiguity violence metaphor
and insurrection

my life is in my politics
my politics is in my life

this present joy
inaugurates all
possible revolutions
and points to the
starcrossed crossroad
where desire becomes event
and mourning becomes eclectic
the rosy fingers
of a postmodern dawn


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