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Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 20:29:32 -0600
Subject: The Confession of Augustine

I just wanted to let others know that a new Lyotard book has been
published entitled "The Confession of Augustine."  It is based on some
essays and writings Lyotard was still working on at the time of his
death.  It features an introduction by Delores Lyotard and some samples
of writing in Lyotard's own hand.  It is a short book, only about 96
pages in all.

However, for anyone interested in Lyotard it is certainly an interesting
addition. Lyotard discusses Augustine as the precursor of modernism and
the autobiography. He discusses the relationship this has with
phenomenology,consciousness and time as a mode endlessly deferring.

Has anyone else read this book and would they be interested in
discussing it further?


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