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Subject: Poems of Dr. Eugene Vickery [2] (fwd)

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Subject: Poems of Dr. Eugene Vickery [2]

[ca. 70's]


Day's End

Oh Lord, I wonder if he wants me now--
I am so tired, I've got to rest somehow.
I love him and I know he knows,
But with exhaustion passion slows.

I look at her and my desire
Heats up with the old-time fire.
I know she's worked the whole day through--
I don't know what she wants to do.

When first we married, we made love
And fit each other like a glove;
Since childbirth now it's not so snug,
But I enjoy the closest hug.

She should rest, and I'm tired too--
I really don't know what to do.
No matter what the day's frustration,
Holding her makes restoration.

Today I worked an eight-hour shift
We need the money, it's no gift.
Tonight I fed us all and cleaned
Like a workaholic fiend.

I want to hold her, hug her, kiss her--
Tell her truly how I miss her
Even though it's just a day--
And I haven't been away.

I wish I weren't so tired and sore--
I don't think I can do much more;
I'll take a shower, then I'll creep
Into bed when he's asleep.

For fifteen years we have been wed;
I'll take my shower and go to bed.
We've got three kids and she's so good--
She's really meant for motherhood.

He's finished bathing and turned in;
I'll wait awhile and then begin.
The short rest helped, the shower's great--
We deserve a better fate.

I feel refreshed, I'll take a nap
And turn so she can fit my lap.
Sometimes when she is mighty tired
She cuddles up and gets inspired.

I hope he's not too sound asleep,
But I'll slip in without a peep
And wriggle gently close to where
It always seems to make him care.

She's had a full, exhausting day,
But I do believe she wants to play;
I'll open up emotion's gate--
How wonderful to have a mate!

As a lover he's still strong--
How glad I am that we belong
To each other, no reserve,
And know the pleasures we deserve.

She still responds in ardent stride
And welcomes me down deep inside;
It is profoundly gratifying--
She's so deeply satisfying.

Now he's got me out of breath--
I couldn't stop for life or death--
I just explode down deep inside,
And he does too, with mutual pride.

How wonderful to end the day
In this happy private way;
We give ourselves to one another
With a love that does not smother.

I'm dreaming first and then I'll sleep
And hope the happy dreams to keep.
With private time to be together,
We can face all stormy weather.


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