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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:50:15 -0500
Subject: Fw: the sublime and education

Hi Raphael,

Lyotard's ideas of the sublime are related to Kant's philosophy which I
haven't read, but may relate to limits of reason.  Education?  Don't know.

I think lyotard list is operated from the University of Virginia at

Hugh Bone

> Hello
> I am an academic from Malta, and I'm very much interested in Lyotard,
particularly the aesthetic and educational implications of his writings.  I
am currently doing some research on his notion of the sublime; of course, a
lot has been written about the subject, but I haven't found much about any
possible relationship between the sublime in Lyotard and education (for
instance, the sublime and the limits of knowledge, reason, understanding, or
educational assessment).  I came across your site and I think it is very
interesting...perhaps someone out there can give me a hand with my search?
Any ideas?
> I'll also be visiting Virginia this Summer (as a fellow at the VCCA in
Amherst county); is there a place in Virginia where your organisation is
based?  Are visitors welcome?
> Regards
> Raphael Vella


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