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Subject: Re: Note on the poems of Dr. Eugene Vickery (fwd)


just another form of industrial disease....


Orpheus wrote:

> I thought since some of you Brits was saying it was all goin
> to pieces over there what with the disease of Cow this and cow
> that ; well I though yer might be innarested in some poetryies from
> ole britain scene brit irish lists;
>                 By the Wa: Re Cow Disease In Ulysses SDedalus
>         has o chit chat with certain Father Deasy about
>         the irish cow malady: ItIt seems to me Mister
>         Joyce was a prophet ahead of His time as perusual. with
>         poets being the unacknowledge legilators ofthe words as per Shelly
> most famous but these days now forggotten comment
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> Subject: Note on the poems of Dr. Eugene Vickery
> Dr. Eugene Vickery is quite simply the WCW of the rural midwest. Like
> Williams a house doctor. He once met Williams in the 40's, sent him some
> poems and received a very strong letter back. The poems Vickery was writing
> then were "experimental" (albeit inflected with 19th century language),
> influenced by Pound, Spring and All, even
> cummings, some of them. He also played ukelele in Gene Autrey's radio band,
> and was on Ronald Reagan's radio show for a couple-months stint in, I
> beleive, the 40's.
> The later (60's on) folksy work, however (and the poem I sent is
> representative-- all of this poetry is rocking-chair iambic and strictly
> rhymed), is what Vickery regarded as his best and most avant-garde writing.
> He explains this in a gotta-rub-your-eyes interview I did with him a couple
> years before his death. Just wait. He destroys and reconfigures some of our
> most hallowed beliefs. I am convinced that Vickery is a master, and will
> become quite the talk of the town once I begin to release a substantial
> amount of this material.
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