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Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 22:58:02 -0600
Subject: Re: Reverse hegemony

sebastjan jeretic:
> About reverse hegemony:
I agree you have a point about hegemony. I wanted to emphasize the
asymmetrical nature of the relationship, but recognize in doing so I 
may have overemphasized its powers of its totalization.

The fact that hegemony can be recognized as such and critiqued creates
openings, spaces, pathways, breaks, get-of-jail-free-cards that should
be utilized.  

The trick is to find a point of entry into the system, to create
something like a virus that is capable of transversing the circuits of
the matrix and to poison the well.

My own passive feeling - the one that resists obvious common sense is
the germ of that virus. It has already escaped their lies by means of
new paralogical lies.  But these lies refuse piety and embrace the lines
of flight, the pagan sustainable joys.  Hegemony gives way to
Sovereignity. But don't hedge your bets.


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