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Subject: Breathless Paulin (fwd)

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Subject: Breathless Paulin

The scandal was regarding Paulin's poem "Killed in
Crossfire" which took the widely printed picture of a
Palestinian boy being shot as the occasion to casually
describe Israeli Defense Force soldiers as SS, to get
the collective readers' backs up with lines such as
"we...stupid goyim" and other bits of triteness.
There was protest by a number of Jewish writers that
this was anti-semitism. The TLS, summing the story up,
noted that Paulin was contstant in his attacks on
Eliot for this crime. Attacking T.S. Eliot has never
made anyone a philosemite in my book and personally I
found the poem cheap and exploitative. I wondered if
anyone else had seen it or had thoughts about it.

Atar Hadari

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