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Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:27:33 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Children of Albion 

They claim to give an account of it, but in fact it bruies itself, slots
itself exactly into the spaces, recorded there rather than in the words
that serve only to blot it out. Another way of putting it:the space
between the wods contains more reality than does the time it takes
to read them. Perhaps it's the sameeee asss the time, dense and real,
enclosed between the characters in Hebrew.
 When I said the Blacks were the characters on the white page of
America, that was too easy an image:the truth really lies where I can
never quite know it, in a love between two Americans of different
 So did I fail to understand the Palestinian revolution? Yes, completely.
I think I realized that when Leila advised me to go to the West Bank.
I refused, because the occupied territories were only a play acted
out second by second by occupied and occupier. The reality lay in
involvement, fertile in hate and love, in people's daily lives,
in silence, like translucency, punctuated by words and phrases.


Prisoner of Love
		Jean Genet


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