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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:25:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Ethics of Aesthetics?

Don and All,

That's Brecht.  One of the greatest aesthetic impacts ever, from the printed
page, was reading "Mother Courage".


> >
> > But who is the tribunal to make this justification? For Plato, it was
> > the Overlords. All other classes in his Republic would live as slaves,
> > functioning only according the dictates of reason. That is
> > why the poets
> > were banned.
> "The Bookburning" (Die Bcherverbrennung)
> "When the regime ordered
> Books with dangerous knowledge
> To be burned in public and everywhere
> Oxen were forced to pull, carts with books
> to the bonfires, one of the persecuted poets
> discovered one of the best
> studying the list of the burned
> disconcerted, that his books were forgotten.
> He rushed to his desk, flying on wings of rage
> and wrote a letter to the authorities.
> Burn me! he wrote with a quick stroke
> Burn me! don't do this to me! Do not spare me!
> Have I not always reported the truth in my books?
> Yet now you treat me as were I a liar!
> I command you: Burn me!"
>  Bertolt Brecht


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