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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 12:29:07 EDT
Subject: Re: Ethics of Aesthetics?

Steve wrote:

>>It is not that religion is a 'hot button' in personal terms but rather that
the issue of religion and the spirit contains a range of what I take to be
invidious and dangerous grand-narratives that I deeply dislike. It wasn't 
until I read
'Peregrinations' that I understood why Lyotard did not incorporate the
dominant religious tendencies within his grand narratives argument. I
maintain incidentally that. all your arguments support my contention that the 
'religious grand narrative/meta narrative' is ended and the proliferation of 
religious and
spiritual narratives supports this.>>> 
        Invidious and dangerous but not gone.

        Why didn't Lyotard incorporate the dominant religious
        tendencies within his grand narratives argument?

        While the proliferation of religious and spiritual
        narratives may be a trend, I hardly see them displacing the 

        How does a postmodernist account for the high percentage of
        people who still accept, if not practice, the theistic dogma.

        I continue to ask because I think the major contribution of
        postmodern theory is the identification of the withering away of the 
        narratives but when it comes to the end of theistic religion where's 

Steve Continues,

>>>I would not suggest that religion will not exist and will continue to do 
I think however that it is as Nancy stated a 'weak knowledge' which needs
tobe understood and analyzed in its contemporary forms as >a continuation of
the indo-european and indo-iranian myths and legends... The key word is
'myth' - the underlying problem remains: 
the reactionary results of nearl yall religious practice - when taken
outside of the individual human realmand placed in the social field >itself.
This has become a greater problemsince mass industrialisation >and threatens
to become more so.>>>

        The key word from above is not 'Myth' it is 'continues'.

        Maybe this is an issue with me because I got caught using
        religion as one of the examples of the end of metanarratives and when
        challenged couldn't defend my position.



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