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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 06:37:04 -0500
Subject: Re: Bloomsday Revisited

hugh bone wrote:
> As I was saying,
> Let us imagine ourselves "outside" the so-called real world, Cosmos,
> Universe(s), observing all that "is" - Including all that is to scientists, deists, atheists - the "facts" we obey to survive.
> Dream of Gods dreaming people dreaming Gods.
> Refuse to pore over the intricate mental constructs of religious,
> scientific and philosophical pasts, (historians excepted) and think about the future of the physical and mental worlds, the real and symbolic universes we inhabit.
> How is it that homo-sapiens - one of hundreds of millions of species which
> have inhabited planet Earth - possesses powers of perception, consciousness,
> memory, experience (stored memory) language, and communication, that
> facilitate its dominance of all other species?
> Why should the species be bound by the past?  Why
> not invent new ideas of the sublime, the unknown, the varieties of aesthetic
> experience, with all the confidence of ancient ancestors?

Yes, Hugh, I agree.  When I talked about religion in terms of play,
imagination, and the transformation of consciousness, I was also
implicitly referring to the introduction of novelty into the universe -
a new heaven and a new earth.

Perhaps, we are the amphibians.  The first creatures to reach dry land
and to extend ourselves into the vast regions of space. O brave new
world that has such cyborgs in it.

Star child Star child
burning bright 
in the forests of the night
What ancient hand could frame 
thy fearful asymmetry

Perhaps the singularity awaits us!

into the noosphere

"a man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are
the portals of discovery."

James Joyce


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