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Subject: Re: Popmart Levinas
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 10:55:01 +0800

Hi all again,

I thought, maybe if you want to read some of the new breed of creative 
artists you might want to see:

It is a youth (under 25 y.o.) creative arts competition held Australia wide. 
I am in there, under the Noise Anthology (Chapter Three - the chapter on 
love apparently, which kinda made me laugh..). You get to see who I am, well 
read about me anyway.

Why I bring this up is because I have been discussing some of the problems 
(or maybe just issues?) regarding market driven forces shaping the creative 
output of, in this case, writers with the other people given as examples for 
the Anthology. We have not found that niche yet, that place where we are 
safe to be creative and can survive in the real world. It is a hot topic, 
trust me. One bloke there already has a contract for his first novel. Most 
of us aren't so lucky. Yet.


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