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Subject: Re: Paralogy in psychology looong story
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 18:52:54 +0800

So in the below would have been a perfect example of 'vulgar thought' 
according to Trotsky. Is it just me or does the religous-right in the US 
seem to have more power than at least in Australia (although we do have some 
ultra-conservative independents always buggering the public with their 
personal views).

>discussion took off where more and more moral condemnation and biblical
>were being voiced to the sinfulness of glbt and question as to their being
>'ok" fitness
>  to be parents.

The Trotsky:
(from Philosophy)
The fundamental flaw of vulgar thought lies in the fact that it wishes to 
content itself with motionless imprints of a reality which consists of 
eternal motion. Dialectical thinking gives to concepts, by means of closer 
approximations,corrections, concretisations, a richness of content and 
flexibility; I would say even a succulence which to a certain extent brings 
them close to living phenomena. Not capitalism in general, but a given 
capitalism at a given stage of development. Not a workers' state in general, 
but a given workers' state in a backward country in an imperialist 
encirclement, etc.
Marx, who in distinction from Darwin was a conscious dialectician, 
discovered a basis for the scientific classification of human societies in 
the development of their productive forces and the structure of the 
relations of ownership which constitute the anatomy of society. Marxism 
substituted for the vulgar descriptive classification of societies and 
states, which even up to now still flourishes in the universities, a 
materialistic dialectical classification. Only through using the method of 
Marx is it possible correctly to determine both the concept of a workers' 
state and the moment of its downfall.
All this, as we see, contains nothing 'metaphysical' or 'scholastic', as 
conceited ignorance affirms. Dialectical logic expresses the laws of motion 
in contemporary scientific thought. The struggle against materialist 
dialectics on the contrary expresses a distant past, conservatism of the 
petty bourgeoisie, the self-conceit of university routinists and ... a spark 
of hope for an after-life.


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