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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 06:37:34 -0700
Subject: Re: Paralogy in psychology looong story

Hi All,
By the term "glbt" I mean gay lesbian by transgendered sexuality.
As far as Lois being on the list in the foreground or background
so be it. I will respond to some of what was said in Lois recent
post as I just received it today. While the events that first surrounded
paralogy cropped up years ago, further events continue, the technique of
is still being further developed on PMTH, paralogy continues to be expanded
and many psychologists have taken it so far as to apply it in their
of therapy with consumers.
While in most practices of therapy this really isn't problematic
to develop a technique which I would add in relationship to paralogy
consumers find repulsive and undesirable,  while claiming to be 'unknowing'
"non expertise" and collaborative not with other "professionals" or with
notion of what Lyotard "tells us", but with the people who come to
see therapists is more than problematic in my mind and in the minds
of growing numbers of consumers of therapy. I belong
to several lists as Lois mentioned and as one of many consumers who
found that the ideas of paralogy are so repulsive and considering its
further development with unknowing non imposing helpful claims
being made most certainly have formed a list with other consumers,
in addition to other lists I am on.
In response to your assessment of the conflict I would disagree a bit
as the third group you mention largely shared in the same beliefs
were embedded in a culture that dominantly takes its' beliefs
from the christian jewish document of faith as that of their own.
It was taken for granted that those who held these beliefs were reflective
of family values and not once even questioned such grand assumptions.
The third group while quite clearly saying of course further hearing,
and tolerance for anti gay positions are welcome argued and morally
any anti homophobia position of  those asking for support from the
community to equality for glbt. Only those of the religious right who were
anti glbt and many of whom later were discovered to be active members of
were supported and encouraged and welcomed into ANTI GLBT positioning.

Mary Murphy&Salstrand wrote:
Third, I am not sure I am understanding the conflict, but it appears
there was one group advocating their rights as gays, another group
advocating the mainstream fundamentalist anti-gay position and a third
clinically arguing the first group had to tolerate the second for their
hegemonic position.

> Sissy:
> Thanks for your post. It helps clarify things a bit more, but I am still
> confused about a couple things.
> First of all, what do you mean by the term "glbt". It appears to mean
> something like gay liberation, but I'm not sure.


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