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Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 06:59:49 -0700
Subject: Re: Paralogy in psychology

Unfortunately in the hands of professional psychologists who are still
for the large part dismissive of their own positions of power as holding
any significance or importance to examine, the continuance of notions
of expertise and the development of paralogy as a technique to
practice upon consumers without their collaboration on it's development,
and all of its demonstrations point to and demonstrate it's failing at
bringing possibilities of just politics.  I also have to wonder what
someone who by their own position is not a person of color, is not
a glbt, is not a consumer, is not uneducated can bring to the understanding
of just politics when what is just is determined solely by such a position.
What would someone really KNOW about just politics when they aren't
effected by unjust politics by their very privileged position.

Lois Shawver wrote:
On another note, to all of you, and especially you, Eric, but you, too,

>   In my reading "paralogy" remains in a new form in his later writing, not
> often, but here and there, and it continues to be a spark of hope and
> even enchantment (arguably an enlightenment enchantment) with the
> possibilities for a just politics.

> Best wishes,
> ..Lois Shawver

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