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Subject: Re: YAY more ethics of Other!
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 11:12:20 +0800


>In terms of postmodern collaborative
>therapy its even more complicated when helpful is claimed to
>be collaboratively developed between the participants in the therapy
>itself and the therapist is selling unknowing, collaboration with
>the people who come to see them, and non expertise
>at the same time as marketing themselves to be experts in
>non expertise.

Why is that complicated? As soon as the 'help' is removed from negotiation 
it becomes transhistorical, in some form an absolute, giving people the 
possibility of more absolutes is the worst thing anyone could do. The 
alternative (mini-absolutes, yeah, yeah) seems too much like the Platonic 
notion of evil as an absence of truth.
I don't think the therapist (or psych, are they the same thing? My mate the 
psych did more research and stuff than 'therapy') knows the 'truth'.

If he/she says he does he/she gets his/her own talk back program to discuss 
incest between people who have married goats which then fills up Australian 
day time tv.

Sissy are you chasing authority here? The authority of these 'experts' to 
function in the role they say they can function in (as?)?

Aren't they peddling self awareness?


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