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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 20:48:55 -0700
Subject: Re: YAY more ethics of Other!

Glen Fuller wrote:

> Hi,
> >In terms of postmodern collaborative
> >therapy its even more complicated when helpful is claimed to
> >be collaboratively developed between the participants in the therapy
> >itself and the therapist is selling unknowing, collaboration with
> >the people who come to see them, and non expertise
> >at the same time as marketing themselves to be experts in
> >non expertise.
> Why is that complicated?

Perhaps complicated isn't the right word more like false hope
is  built by therapists claiming to be collaborative with the people
who come to see them, non expertise, not knowing positioning, and
claiming to have practices that promote social justice and then witnessing
whole ideas of how these therapists intend to practice with people being
developed without the people who come to see them collaborating on those
intended practices, and in fact excluded,  how they will listen, how they will
 what they should privilege, what they should not in their talks with clients
predetermined and decided  growing out of  collaboration with professionals
on what Lyotard instead of  Freud is interpreted to tell us.

would actually love to see genuine unknowing collaborative with the people
who come to see them non expertise therapists who demonstrate that
congruency between claims and actions.

> As soon as the 'help' is removed from negotiation
> it becomes transhistorical, in some form an absolute, giving people the
> possibility of more absolutes is the worst thing anyone could do.

You know I used to believe that but at least if its absolute the idea
is stated this is helpful period I know what to do how to deal with
that I can also leave and have a much more free choice and transparent
knowledgeable consent in the deal with no false hopes being built.


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