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Subject: Re: A few questions
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 08:54:50 -0500

when you say "the limits of paralogy" it reveals that you are thinking of
paralogy as a program.. in psychology it might make sense to talk about the
limits of paralogy because it refers to a certain set of approaches.  i
don't think of it as certain set of approaches.  it is just the will to take
different sorts of approaches.

> > what are the bases on which we can rule some kinds of reasoning or
> > outcomes of reasoning out? on the basis of their flagrant abuse of
> > of the hate they reproduce, of the terrorization of others they imply,
> > the intimidation their reproduction supports? these or other bases for
> > ruling some kinds of reasoning out.. or understanding that perhaps these
> > are circumstances in which paralogy is not beneficial?

Abuse, hate, terror and intimidation are not reasoning.  If you see them,
stop them, if you can.  But don't use these horrors as an excuse to tell
other people how to think.



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