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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 17:04:06 +0100
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The below 'simply', (simply ye-gods! Hugh i'm doomed...) simply describes the
normal state of all post-the-invention-of-the-state societies... I'd suggest
that it's neve been different.

The economic structures of the past thousand years are understandable in the
following three groups - 1) agriculture and the use of primary raw materials,
worldwide 2) industrial production and the gradual invention of consumer goods,
based essentially around the western economies and the disgusting colonial
ideal 3) the post-modern economic system focusing on services, and the
manipulation of information on a global scale. The movement from the second
economic structure to the third is the process we know as the postmodern...



hbone wrote:

> Globalization exempts Arms, Illegal Drugs and Oil from international
> control, favors secrecy, profits from child labor (read Eliz. Barrett
> Browning on children in 19th century mines) takes the legacy of colonialism
> to new heights - destroys able-bodied males, sends elders, mothers and
> children on a Trail of Tears, and,
> describes those who protest as as CRAZIES
> HB


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