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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 18:38:29 +0100
Subject: Re: Two things endlessly fascinate me about the USA


"An overword machine overcodes language, a faciality machine overcodes the body
and even the head..."  not illusions but the affects of the social machines...


hbone wrote:

> Steve wrote:
> The cultural diversity of London has always been so great that it always
> seems
> to function on the basis of indifference - but the divergent faciality
> between
> groups seems quite broad but I'm not sure I can tell...
> Peter Ackroyd who I think is the best writer on London at the moment
> describes
> it in a million different ways throughout his work but my favorite
> descriptions
> come from the last pages of his biography of London: "... London manifiests
> all
> the possibilities of humankind, and thus becomes a vision of the world
> itself. "
> An image of heaven and hell...
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Ackroyd might say the same of New York City, but Los Angeles is quite
> different.
> NYC  is becoming so expensive that except for the wealthy, only the poor and
> homeless can afford to live there..
> I seldom read novels, but recommend "White Teeth", now published in
> paperback.
> Hugh


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