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Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 15:04:34 -0100
Subject: Re: Globo  Roundtable - Why Not?

Steve and All,

Steve quoting Deleuze:
."But the abstract machine, with its dysfunctions is no more
> infallable than the national states which are not able to regulate them on
> own territory and from one territory to another..."
> And then "...Instead of gambling on the eternal impossibilty of the
> and on the fascist return of a war machine in genereal, why not think of a
> type of revolution is in the course of becomeing possible, and that all
kinds of
> mutating, living machines conduct wars, are combined and trace out a plane
> consistence which undermines the plane of orgnaisation of the world and
> states...?"
> Many Politics p146/7 in Dialogues...1977.


That sounded good a quarter of a century ago, and why not now?  Doesn't
everybody want a new and better type of  revolution?



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