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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 21:40:33 -0500
Subject: Re: globalisation:

hbone wrote:

The Soviet collapse didn't negate Lyotard, but accelerated some of the
trends he reported, and stimulated new ones.  Destruction of natural
resources, forced migration of indigenous populations, the many wars in
Africa, for example.

I think the cultural beginnings of postmodernism date back to the
1920's. Tearing up the old, seeking something new in visual and literary
arts.  And that will most likely continue for the indefinite future, so
its not,literally chronologica regards,


Something I have been thinking about lately is this. After writing The
Postmodern Condition, it seems that Lyotard attempted to distance
himself from the concept in his later writings.  It is wrong to say he
dissociated himself completely. However, he certainly appears to qualify
it and replace the notion of a historical period with the sense of a
rewriting or a working through. Here the postmodern is seen as beginning
of the modern, its sense of groundlessness and lack of a constituting
rule, than to any thing the comes after. 

Also, regarding you other post on corporations, it does appear that
corporations today are tending to be more global and less US based. 
When coupled with the growing resistance to the US in Europe, Asia and
the South, there could be the tendency for a militant posture of
unilateralism to simply lead to greater isolation and the decline of the
US as world leader. 

Who can tell at this stage of the game of world domination. Does anyone
has thoughts about this?


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