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Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 09:42:35 +0100
Subject: Official Invite - The State, Globalisation and the New Imperialism

Copy of official invite

Sebastian Budgen wrote:

> The State, Globalisation and the New Imperialism
> A Roundtable organised by Historical Materialism: Research in Critical
> Marxist Theory
> Brunei Gallery  Room G3
> School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, London
> Monday 9 July   5: 00pm
> Much of recent critical social theory has been concerned with the
> relationship between the state as a political form and the socio-economic
> processes associated to capitalist globalisation. Whilst for some
> globalisation appears as the 21st century incarnation of classical
> imperialism, for others it heralds the promise of a global Œdemocratic
> revolution¹.
> This roundtable brings together three prominent scholars who have recently
> shed light on the relationship between the state and globalisation from
> different disciplinary and political perspectives. The aim of the discussion
> is to both elucidate analytically what is at play in these processes, and to
> consider the political consequences - particularly for the Left - of  the
> interface between globalisation and the state.
> Among the questions we shall seek to address are: what is globalisation, and
> what is the place of the modern state in this process? How is globalisation
> transforming power relations in the contemporary world? Can the processes of
> globalisation be harnessed to projects of radical social transformation?
> What is the relationship between globalisation and Œclassical¹ capitalist
> imperialism of  the turn of the 20th century? What conceptual challenges do
> these processes pose for  critical theory, and Marxism in particular?
> Speakers:
> Peter Gowan, Senior Lecturer in  Politics, University of North London.
> Author of ŒThe Global Gamble: Washington¹s Bid for World Dominance¹ (Verso
> 1999). Winner of Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize, 2000.
> Leo Panitch, Professor of  Politics, York University, Canada. Co-Editor of
> The Socialist Register and author with Colin Leys of ŒThe End of
> Parliamentary Socialism: From New Left to New Labour¹ (Verso, 2001).
> Martin Shaw, Professor of International Relations, University of Sussex.
> Author of ŒTheory of the Global State: Globality as an Unfinished
> Revolution¹ (Cambridge, 2000).
> All Welcome
> All queries:


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