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Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2001 17:43:35 +0100
Subject: Re: Politics and Ethics as Paralogy

This is correct but his definition of master narratives is partial and in
the case of Marxism is founded on a belief that Marxism had little or no
purchase in the PM era. The prime difference between Negri and Lyotard
would be that Negri would never accept that Marxism as a discourse or even
as science is fundementally incorrect in its understanding of postmodern or
late-capitalist society. It is impossible to imagine Negri writing and
critiqueing Marxism in the way that Lyotard did at times during his career.



"Shawn P. Wilbur" wrote:

> I have always understood Lyotard as positing an incredulity towards
> master narratives which nevertheless continue to be in play, exert
> pressure, etc. This seems in line with his alternate explanation of the
> postmodern as irruptive within the modern. The potential parallels with
> Negri may be clearest in _Insurgencies_, where the opposition between
> constituent and constituted power is at center-stage.
> -shawn
> Shawn P. Wilbur
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