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Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2001 11:05:31 +0100
Subject: Lyotard and Empire


Considering the discussions we have been having around Lyotard recently (in which I
confess to being slightly over-the-top as I try and work my way around the
inter-relationship between politics and the Lyotard text (I know should have said that
earlier)) and Empire - how do you read the political subject of 'multitude' do you think
that my interpretation is reasonable or is the differend to great? I'm not sure how the
'mulititude' can be interpreted in any other way than along the 'line of descent', as 'a
line of flight' along its historical line.

I suppose in my defense - you know by now that I've been working around Lyotard and the
political continuously for some time...


Mary Murphy&Salstrand wrote:

> Mary Murphy&Salstrand wrote:
> >  In that sense, you are flight, the forces that attended to its birth are secondary.
> Hugh:
> I meant to say "you are right"
> consider this a freudian slip and deleuzian pun!


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