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Subject: Re: Empire and facts -Help is on the way.

The Communist Think-Tank


The Communist Think-Tank is a revolutionary communist collective. This means
that it is not a Leninist organisation. Nor does it subscribe to  any of
Leninism's other forms such as its Stalinism and Trotskyism. As a
revolutionary communist collective it has been significantly influenced by
the docrines and politics of Karl Marx.  However it is not it is not a
marxist but a revolutionary communist intellectual collective.

Its position is that no revolutionary communist movement exists today either
globally, nationally or regionally and that revolutionary communist theory
has not essentially superseded the level attained by Karl Marx. Consequently
revolutionary theory and politics is in urgent need of development beyond
the level reached in the latter part of the 19th century. This means that a
revolutionary communist intelligentsia must be established to re-examine
revolutionary communist theory and politics. It is just this that the
Communist Think-Tank seeks to achieve.

The web site will contain copies of work done from within the collective. It
is hoped that this web site will be improved and developed over time.

Should you wish to seek further information or engage in discussion with the
collective please contact Karl Carlile at the following email address:

Below are links to materaial produced by some of its members. It is hoped
over time that more material will be made accessible on our website:

 Karl Carlile's Writings

George Pennefather's Writings

The Irish Rail Drivers Strike (ILDA)

Click here to visit the guest book and add comments

If you are interested in learning more about the Communism List click the
hyperlink that follows this: Communism List Home Page

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Subject: Re: Empire and facts - Capital Flows

> Steve/Eric/All
> Although data on an annual basis for 2000 is not presented, and there is
> data on the effects of the current economic decline, a lot of easy-to read
> comments on these flows - largest countries, largest companies, etc. -  is
> presented  Go to the bottom of the link for definitions.
> Hugh


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