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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 20:34:14 +0100
Subject: Re: infinite justice...




Judy wrote:

> steve
> thanks for your perspective.  I laughed out loud. And I needed that. 
> It's probably really not funny. Really rather horrible. But it cracked 
> me up. thanks.
> Judy
>> Yesterday whilst watching Tv with the mute button on, as I read my 
>> book (of which more anon), I saw two sets of related images. The 
>> first set was of US military, sailors I think, riding  21st Century 
>> machines the size of  small cities, towns across the sea at 40 knots, 
>> committed to bringing Afghanistan into the globalised economy. The 
>> second set was of Afghan tribesmen carrying early-mid twentieth 
>> century rifles,   whilst riding on donkeys across a desolate 
>> landscape looking like a scene from a Sergio Leone spaghetti 
>> western.... but where was the man with no name?
>> Afterwards a man talked about the G8 countries wanting to close down 
>> the tax havens to prevent the laundering of terrorist and drug money. 
>> I thought of that absurdly stupid magazine 'Wired' which for years 
>> has been proclaiming the supremacy of neo-liberal economic policy,  
>> whilst not realising that it was doing so and wondered how they would 
>> respond to the removal of a freedom to exploit with impunity...
>> regards
>> sdv


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