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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 20:42:01 +0100
Subject: Re: [P_F_P] Sontag on the current crisis

Eric and All

There have been some responses to this already.  Little in the european 
media is much different to the USA material I've seen.  There have been 
some different perspectives however. Occasional glimmers in the night - 
Fisk in the Independent, some pieces on saturday 
in the guardian. One piece disclosed (it may even be true...) that the 
usa and other G8 countires planned an act of state terroism to murder 
Bin Laden in his bed  a month ago. They suggested it was a 'preemptive 
strike' by Bin Laden... A further piece was a text on the authors love 
and admiration for Afghanistan... (This piece was my favorite) I re-read 
earlier today whilst the media talked about tanks rolling through the 
north of afghanistan killing anyhting that moved...

When its available check out the tehran times website (links down as I 
write this)...

Ah globalisation.


>It is curious the way everyone from the N.Y. Times, CNN on down quickly 
>framed this in such an idealistc context which little or no voices of
>dissent emerging.  With this manufacture of consent currently driving
>the military policy, again with a great show of the current unity
>between Democrats and Republicans, it does seem much like Soviet style
>I am curious how this is being depicted by the media in the U.K. Is it
>any more insightful?


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