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Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 20:31:36 +0100
Subject: Nato

An interesting update on the virtual war - Robertson who is General 
Secretary of Nato has said today that Nato will not commit forces to 
support the war against 'Bin Laden ' without  evidence that he is the 
lead terroist.

Especially look at the radio links - especially enjoy the jingoism of 


steve wrote:

> Eric and All
> There have been some responses to this already.  Little in the 
> european media is much different to the USA material I've seen.  There 
> have been some different perspectives however. Occasional glimmers in 
> the night - Fisk in the Independent, some pieces 
> on saturday in the guardian. One piece disclosed (it may even be 
> true...) that the usa and other G8 countires planned an act of state 
> terroism to murder Bin Laden in his bed  a month ago. They suggested 
> it was a 'preemptive strike' by Bin Laden... A further piece was a 
> text on the authors love and admiration for Afghanistan... (This piece 
> was my favorite) I re-read earlier today whilst the media talked about 
> tanks rolling through the north of afghanistan killing anyhting that 
> moved...
> When its available check out the tehran times website (links down as I 
> write this)...
> Ah globalisation.
> regards
> sdv
>> It is curious the way everyone from the N.Y. Times, CNN on down 
>> quickly framed this in such an idealistc context which little or no 
>> voices of
>> dissent emerging.  With this manufacture of consent currently driving
>> the military policy, again with a great show of the current unity
>> between Democrats and Republicans, it does seem much like Soviet style
>> censorship.
>> I am curious how this is being depicted by the media in the U.K. Is it
>> any more insightful?
>> eric


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