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Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 02:06:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: history of palestine


Some of those things that you are saying are quite
parnoiaic. Very good and nice, I like that mad
critical nuts which reads things into those weird
movements de la passe!!
--- Lionel Boxer <> wrote:
> I agree with Yve's comments, but the whole creation
> was facilitated by the 
> English and they were largely influenced by masonic
> myth -- from the foot 
> soldiers to the generals (recall Kipling's 'The Man
> who Would Be King') and 
> from the civil servants to the prime minister. 
> Furthermore, all of the 
> Kings (Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George
> VI) of the 20th Century 
> exchanged their scepter for the fraternity of the
> lambskin apron (HRH Prince 
> Charles is one of the few male Royals who is not a
> Freemason.)  That made 
> for a very homogenous mind set.
> My comment not to denegrate Freemasonry, but to
> suggest that it was as 
> powerful a force (albeit oposite) as Nazism in
> Germany during the same era.  
> (Hitler assassinated about 2,000 Freemasons ... all
> those that he could 
> identify.)
> I just get the feeling that the creation of Isreal
> and Placing the 
> Isrealites in the Royal Chairs of King Solomon (in
> the East), B. (in the 
> North) and J. (in the West) must have satisfied
> Masonic sensibilities.  I 
> have also wondered if Zerrubbulian/Ezratic legend
> resulted in the colours of 
> the ribbon that suspends the 1939-45 Star (and the
> common shape of all those 
> stars) that was awarded to all British Commonwealth
> soldiers, airmen and 
> sailors who served in any theatre of war.
> We are talking about the GAZE of British Kings and
> the entire British Commonwealth (at the height of
> its power and influence.)  
> I think this is a great quarry of opportunity for
> Foucauldian analysis.
> Lionel
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