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Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 20:24:26 +0100
Subject: Globalisation and security


One of my current favorite globalisation discourses, which I came across
over the past few weeks, is the globalisation of security discourses. In
part this seems to reflect the seemingly unstoppable growth of the
simulcra of information... Beyond which, as Lyotard would say, the
techno-science belief in the possibility, the inevitability of the
separability of thought from the body lies in wait, waiting to create a
'real' artifical intelligence... where this connects to the security
discourses is that it represents one side of the globalisation of
understandings of information control and ownership...Part of the
'development' (read capital and globalisation) society which we exist in
and which metaphorically and possibly in the real represents the
attempts to escape this lovely but doomed planet.... The globalisation
of this form of security is recognisable through the arrival recently of
the FBI (with the UK police) arresting another hacker in london. The
co-operation of the security/police forces is physically instructive but
equally interesting is the similarity of their security ideologies as
the social attempts to restrict and own both the 'real' and the
'simulcra' of information...

This is interesting in itself but equally, possibly even more
interesting is the global security literature, which I am reliably
informed, accurately documents the current security ideologists thinking
on current day migrants, by this they are structurally separating the
poor migrants from the richer more techno-scientific nomads (which is
not how N&H define the mulitude in Empire where they pull the migrant
classes into a single definition of migrant based loosely on D&G's
nomads). In essence the Global security ideologists from the G7, regard
the former migrants as a great source of political trouble. Read
agression and violent... But of course I'd suggest that we/you should
read the situation as being created as a politically diversive situation
by the meeting and merging of the global security ideologies and those
of the industrialised media...

Interestingly the relationship defined by the security ideologists is
borrowed directly from the colonial eras, I can't help feeling a sense
of deja vu as I wait for the the racist diatribes to reemerge. From
which subhumanity and the inevitable death camps appeared as the
colonial discourses were brought home into europe by the fascists... Of
course such an event could not happen in europe as it requires an
industrial society and is probably impossible to construct in a
postmodern society...

(divide and rule as all five of the Marx brothers would say.. not just
on the migrant acces but also on the information access)




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