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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 01:24:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Message from Radio Genet who has been banned.

  Dear friends  -- I have today received some sade
news. From Son of Genet. He is asking me to forward
this final gasp of a letter begging from you a final
love farewell, a nearby piece of nerve from the edge
of whips. He called me and Genevieve with the moment
before, he has sent it to us, knowing we have seen his
face, and know his real heart. Nothing there at all it
turns out. I can feel his dead spirit possessing me in
my yahoo spirit.

      So with those sad words of wisdom

        Here is His filthy lettre a vous!!

" dear friends of the list, I write this note to in a
moment of desperate fury. I am captured by torturers
day and night, their voices screech at my ears, my
body is tied against its will to a wall. I am in
Lebananon, in South Carolina, in South America, I am a
prisoner of hatred, lies, envy, sloth, murder, rape,
jealousy, wrath and the lies of decay are everywhere.
How I miss the good old days!!!  when I wrote to the
list causing a ruckus with words like ban, repress,
cunt, palestinian, and other filthy words, then the
spies of Shit bitete got me, and now I am found here
in this cesspool of shit, surrounded by the eyes of
paranoia, haunted by the screaming voices of my
enemies, you my enemies  you You know who you are: YOU
KRISTEVA!!! come and stop fucking with my head and my
ass, leave me alone at bustops and in crowded buses,
Stop Sending your Spies To Persecute, the little
fucks! will not prevail!! and Neither will Israel,
neither Will America, and Neither Will you you dirty
fucks with your filthy lies, your holocausts and

I cannot quote any more dear friends. It is too sad.
he has gone mad, and I was correct all along. He was a
fake! a phoney, two bit fakir, a sandal carrier, a
maker of wood, a folder of pleats, a carrier of cunts,
and a waker of jeweles, a seeker of grass, a
monotheist atheist, a jew lover, an arab lover, a
grass eater, a fucker of pork and swine, he carried
pictures on his web site of crucified women!! The
dirty american phony spy!!

So I wanted you all to know that the dirty rascal
called Son of Genet, Radiogenet will dies in his
rottens prison in South America. The dirty homo son,
the rotten stinky francofile halfblack halfhomo! we
have no room for mad simulacra!! So rest easy you
followers of rage!! and fear no longer the mad fantasm
of his hatred for you: Yet for the sake of posterity
and the list archives here are those he despised and
hated, reviled and revolted from, those who made his
skin crawl, his feet furl, his toes splay!!! Yes,
these are those who made his head livid, and his arms

FIRST ENEMie :  --  --

SECOND ENEmiee   --- ----

THIRD ENEMa   ------ ---- -

Fourth Enemie

Next to fourth enemeea

Sixth enemies of the state

Seventh enemies of the pancreas

Eigth which is the bibilical ties of literalism and

Ninth enemy ---- which you call history

Dixieme --- it is the circle of unnamed lines and

11 -- are the unfortunate repeaters of the thing

12 ---  --- ----- --

13 -- is the step which is most profound out of will.

It was all of you who destroyed this mayhem.
He has taken our bodies now. Me and Genevieve are his
souls in bodies.

Peace be unto you from the holy cities.

-- So since you are knowing who and what you I have
dones my duty.

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