File spoon-archives/lyotard.archive/lyotard_2001/lyotard.0109, message 24

Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 02:01:24 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: last words of son of genet repeated endlessly de bord

 "Top Secret - Classified - For The Board - The Elite
- The Initiates - 
     Are these the words of the all-powerful boards
and syndicates of the earth? These are the
     words of liars cowards collaborators traitors.
Liars who want time for more lies, Cowards who
     can not face your "dogs" your "gooks" your
"errand boys" your "human animals" with the
     truth, Collaborators with Insect People with
Vegetable People. With any people anywhere who
     offer you a body forever. To shit forever. For
this you have sold out your sons. Sold the
     ground from unborn feet forever. Traitors to all
souls everywhere. You want the name of
     Hassan i Sabbah on your filth deeds to sell out
the unborn?
     What scared you all into time? Into body? Into
shit? I will tell you; "the word." Alien Word
     "the." "The" word of Alien Enemy imprisons "thee"
in Time, In Body. In Shit. Prisoner, come
     out. The great skies are open, I Hassan i Sabbah
rub out the word forever. If you I cancel all
     your words forever. And the words of Hassan i
Sabbah as also cancel. Cross all your skies see
     the silent writing of Brion Gysin Hassan i
Sabbah: drew September 17, 1899 over New York.
     "Don't listen to Hassan i Sabbah," they will tell
you. "He wants to take your body and all
     pleasures of the body away from you. Listen to
us. We are serving The Garden of Delights
     Immortality Cosmic Consciousness
     The Best Ever In Drug Kicks. And love love love
in slop buckets. How does that sound to you
     boys? Better than Hassan i Sabbah and his cold
windy bodiless rock? Right?" At the immediate
     risk of finding myself the most unpopular
character of all fiction - and history is fiction I

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