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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 02:03:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: You must learn to pray pay it all back

     I was traveling with The Intolerable Kid on The
Nova Lark - We were on the nod after a
     rumble in The Crab Galaxy involving this two-way
time stock; when you come to the end of a
     biologic film just run it back and start over -
Nobody knows the difference - Like nobody there
     before the film.* So they start to run it back
and the projector blew up and we lammed out of
     there on the blast - Holed up in those cool blue
mountains the liquid air in our spines listening
     to a little high-fi junk note fixes you right to
metal and you nod out a thousand years.# Just
     sitting there in a slate house wrapped in orange
flesh robes, the blue mist drifting around us
     when we get the call - And as soon as I set foot
on Podunk earth I can smell it that burnt metal
     reek of nova. "Already set off the charge," I
said to I&I (Immovable and Irresistible) - "This is
     a burning planet - Any minute now the whole
fucking shit house goes up."
     So Intolerable I&I sniffs and says: "Yea, when it
happens it happens fast - This is a rush job."
     And you could feel it there under your feet the
whole structure buckling like a bulkhead about
     to blow - So the paper has a car there for us and
we are driving in from the airport The Kid at
     the wheel and his foot on the floor - Nearly ran
down a covey of pedestrians, and they yell
     after us: "What you want to do, kill somebody?"
     *Postulate a biologic film running from the
beginning to the end, from zero to zero as all
     biologic film run in any time universe - Call
this film XI and postulate further that there can
     only be one film with the quality XI in any given
time universe. XI is the film and performers -
     X2 is the audience who are all trying to get into
the film - Nobody is permitted to leave the
     biologic theater which in this case is the human
body - Because if anybody did leave the
     theater he would be looking at a different film Y
and Film X1 and audience X2 would then
     cease to exist by mathematical definition - In
1960 with the publication of Minutes To Go,
     Martin's stale movie was greeted by an
unprecedented chorus of boos and a concerted walkout
     - "We seen this five times already and not
standing still for another twilight of your tired
     #Since junk is image the effects of junk can
easily be produced and concentrated in a sound
     and image track - Like this: Take a sick junky -
Throw blue light on his so-called face or dye it
     blue or dye the junk blue it don't make no
difference and now give him a shot and photograph
     the blue miracle as life pours back into that
walking corpse - That will give you the image track
     of junk - Now project the blue change onto your
own face if you want The Big Fix. The
     sound track is even easier I quote from Newsweek,
March 4, 1963 Science section: "Every
     substance has a characteristic set of resonant
frequencies at which it vibrates or oscillates." -
     So you record the frequency of junk as it hits
the junk-sick brain cells "What's that? - Brain
     waves are 32 or under and can't be heard? Well
speed them up, God damn it - And instead of
     one junky concentrate me a thousand - Let there
be Lexington and call a nice Jew in to run it -
     Doctor Wilhelm Reich has isolated and
concentrated a unit that he calls "the orgone" -
     Orgones, according to W. Reich, are the units of
life - They have been photographed and the
     color is blue - So junk sops up the orgones and
that's why they need all these young junkies -
     They have more orgones and give higher yield of
the blue concentrate on which Martin and his
     boys can nod out a thousand years - Martin is
stealing your orgones. - You going to stand still
     for this shit?"

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