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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 09:52:53 +0100
Subject: petition

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Please read and consider.

Dear friends
Please take a few  minutes to read and act on this email.

On May 23rd 2001 the  Taleban authorities in Afghanistan confirmed
that all Hindus will be  required to wear a strip of yellow cloth
sewn onto a shirt pocket in  order to identify themselves. They
claim that the measure is for their  "protection". The world has faced
this before, in 1939 the world  was required, at great cost,
to rid itself of Hitler's tyranny, it is  not hard to spot his child.
Those who fail to learn from history are  condemned to relive it.
The Taleban's record on respecting other  religions gives great
cause for concern that their ultimate aim, upon  which they are
intent, is "religious cleansing". They have  already
demonstrated their disdain and intolerance for other religions  and
traditions by the desecration and destruction of the ancient  Buddhist
statues, our collective heritage, within the  Afghanistan.
Whatever your religion, or even if you have none, we hope  that
you will agree that this fundamentally wrong. Remember,
  "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".
  Please do not do nothing, add your voice.

  PLEASE COPY this email on to a new message,
add your name and those of  your household who wish to
participate to the bottom and forward it to  everyone on your
distribution list. If you receive this petition and  you find that you

will be the 251st name on it, please e-mail a copy  of it to: It will then be  forwarded to the UN.

Even if you decide not to sign, please be  considerate and do not kill

the petition as you will be denying your  friends, and theirs,
their legitimate voice. Instead return it to
To The  Secretary General, Security
Council and General Assembly of the United  Nations.

We the undersigned are appalled by the decision of the  Taleban
government of Afghanistan to require all Hindus to wear a  piece
of yellow cloth sewn onto a shirt pocket in order to  identify
themselves. An individual's communion with God,  however
they find him, is a matter of personal conscience and must not  be
the subject of intimidation or persecution. The right of
  everyone to worship as they wish is fundamental and inalienable. The
  United Nations was founded in order to defeat Hitler and his
henchmen  who required the same from another religion with all
it's horrific  consequences. It is completely unacceptable that
nearly 60 years later  history is repeating itself. We ask the
1. That the  Taleban government is made aware in the strongest
possible terms that  the world will not countenance this
perversion of human  rights.
2. That prior to the United Nations and/or it's constituent  members
granting recognition of the Taleban government this
  obscene policy is reversed.
3. That the United Nations widen the terms  of the trade sanctions
currently in force.

1.  Alastair Mitton - London UK
2. Robert Mitton - London UK
3.  Paulette Budd - London UK
4. Andrew Peake - London UK
5.  Pippa Howell - London UK
6. Cecile Kusters - Arnhem, the  Netherlands
7. Sarah Malpas - London UK
8. Susan Donnelly -  Newcastle UK
9. Paul Donnelly - London UK
10. Pauline  Bartholomew - London UK
11. Is0bel McMillan London UK
12.  Fiona Adamson
13. Minka Emina Kulenovic La Jolla, US
14.  Cath Dolan, London, England
15. Liz Murphy, Murcia, Spain
  16. William M. Rueter, Wisconsin, US
17. Jaclyn A. Knapper, Tennessee,  US
18. Louise Morris, Tennessee, US
19. Joe Stoud,  Matsuyama, Japan
20. Keiko Stroud, Matsuyama, Japan
21.Larry  Asher, Nepal
22. Phyl Asher, Nepal
23. Reiny de Wit,  Nepal
24. Helen Johnston, Nepal
25. Isaac Thompson, Northern  Ireland
26. Anne Thompson, Northern Ireland
27. Paul Carter,  Vancouver, Canada
28. Lois Carter, Vancouver, Canada
29.  Bronwyn Short, Vancouver, Canada
30. David Short, Vancouver,  Canada
31. Mark Calder, Sydney, Australia
32. Graham Wintle,  Surbiton, UK
33. Geoff Chivers, Surbiton, UK
34. Derek  Nathan New Malden UK
35. Mary Nathan New Malden UK
36  Rosalind Preston, London UK
37 Marlena Schmool, UK
38  Ephraim Borowski, Glasgow, UK
39. Ruth Warrens, London, UK
  40. Anthony Warrens, London, UK
41. Ian Goodman, London, UK
  42. Liz Lightstone, London, UK
43 Elizabeth Simpson, London  UK
44. Dimitris Kioussis
45. John_Griffin
46.  Hermann Bujard, Heidelberg, Germany
47. Regine Bujard, Heidelberg,  Germany
48. Konrad Beyreuther, Heidelberg, Germany
49.  Ursula Beyreuther, Heidelberg, Germany
50. Horst Simon, Heidelberg,  Germany
51. Michael Brand, Dresden
52. Dorothea Brand,  Dresden
53. Christoph Lorra, Dresden
54. Martin Stocker,  London, UK
55. Walter Sthmer, Gttingen, Germany
56. Nathan  Dascal, Tel Aviv, Israel
57. Tony Segal, London, UK
  58. Malcolm Molyneux, Blantyre, Malawi
59. Liz Molyneux,  Blantyre, Malawi
60. Kevin Marsh Kilifi, Kenya
  61. Dominic Kwiatkowski, Oxford, UK
62. Doug Hacking,  Oxford, UK
63. Jodie McVernon, Oxford, UK
64. Tracey  Merriman, Albury, Australia
65. Colin Kingsell, Albury,  Australia
66. Jeremy Kingsell, Albury, Australia
67.  Christine Sanderson, Geelong, Australia
68. Jeff Langham, Geelong,  Australia
69. Richard Langham, Geelong, Australia
70. Freya  Langham, Geelong, Australia
71. Noel Russell, Geelong,  Australia
72. Jane Tierney,Geelong, Australia
73. Isabelle  Russell, Geelong Australia
74. Brigitte Russell, Geelong,  Australia
75. Chris Silagy, Melbourne, Australia
76. Jane  Silagy, Melbourne, Australia
77. Michelle Scollo, Melbourne, Australia
78  Stacy Carter, Sydney, Australia
79. Carol Thompson, London, UK
80. Louise French, Melbourne,  Australia
81. Antonia Fredman, Sydney, Australia
82. Simon Bennett, Sydney, Australia
83. Melissa Lee, Sydney, Australia
84. Patrick Crogan, Sydney, Australia
85. John Armitage, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
86. Steve Devos, London , UK

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