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  Thanks for that, manynotone.  I'd like to hear what
others have to say about the last few day's
  events.  What would Foucault have said?  What is
Edward Said saying (I haven't found anything
  published by him in the last days)?

 You probably already have seen this by now - I posted
this to the list yesterday:

 Here are some  comments from Foucault against hatred
and terrorism which I think are apt under the
 current circumstances

 A reply to an Iranien reader who commented on his
views on Iran

 'The problem of Islam as a political force is an
essential problem for our time and for the years to
 come. The first condition in approaching it with
anything resembling intelligence is to not to start
 hatred.' (1978) 'Reponse de Michel Foucault a une
lectrice iranienne' in Dits et Ecrtis, t. III. Paris:
 Gallimard, 1994

 'If someone were to ask me how I conceive of what I
do, I would reply if the strategist is the man
 who says 'What does this death, this cry, this
uprising matter in the grand scale of things and what
 does a general principle matter to me in the
situation in which we find ourselves?' well I don't
 whether the strategist is a politician, a historian,
a revolutionary, a supporter of the Shah or of the
 Ayatolla, my theoretical morality is the opposite. It
is 'antistrategic': to be respectful when a
 rises up and intransigent when power infringes on the
universal'  (1978xiv) 'Is it useless to revolt?', in
 Religion and Culture. Edited by Jeremy R. Carrette.
Manchester: Manchester University Press. p. 134.

 ..'terrorism... has a totally opposite effect which
is to make the bourgeois class even more closely
 attached to its ideology. ... Using terror for
revolution : it is a totally contradictory idea ..' 
(1976) 'Le
 savoir comme crime', in Dits et Ecrits, t. III.
Paris: Gallimard, 1994.  p.83.


 Clare  O'Farrell

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