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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 23:09:57 -0100
Subject: Re: 9/11/01

Matthew Levy wrote:

> I agree with this, but something in your tone suggests that you are
> uncovering a conspiracy.  I think this is all on the surface.

I confess to a tone of prejudice.  I would rather see more voters and voters
who had
access to those who represent them whether they contributed zero dollars or
the legal limit..

Unconcealed is the word.  Keeping Third Parties out of  Presidential debates
was not
conspiracy. Republicans and Democrats electing year after year the same
incumbents who subsidize large corporations, who reduce taxes on the
wealthy, increase taxes on workers,  is not conspiracy, its open, its legal,
its shameless.

And unconcealed disgust keeps potential voters away from the polls.
As Foucault quotes Servan, they are "enchained  by the fibres of their



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