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Subject: Re: terrorism
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 19:48:42 +0800


> Does philosophy, beyond the political, have anything to teach us about
> how to overcome this terror?  Is there an ethics that is concerned not
> merely with our duty towards the other, but with the realization of a
> happiness that isn't merely a part of a non-zero sum game? (a happiness
> that isn't in the end all about real estate.)

I was prompted by the above to think of Haraway's Situated Knowledges, which
made me think of Badiou's Ethics.

Placing the self as other, then going from there. Constructing a pragmatic
hybrid subjectivity where the end goal is resolution, rather than
perpetuation, rather than 'victory'. Is the most resolute solution the most

The 'terror' at once made me aware of my corporality and who I was.
Although, admittedly, I am more terrified of the reaction to the 'terror'
than the 'terror' itself. I suppose if there are going to be nation-states,
and democratic societies (read: elected leaders), then the boundaries have
to be reinforced by force. Those lines of flight/fright are needed. Pun not



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