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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:29:10 +1100
Subject: Re: terrorism


I'm closer to Eric on this one.  The U.S."is" Empire, not a Negri-Hardt
confabulation,  bbut the real one, and Blair knows it.

IMHO, being an Empire, or "the" Empire,  the U.S. will, like Greels. Romans,
Mongols, Ottoman Turks, and more recently, the Victorians, take as much as
possible, yield as little as possible for as long as possible.

The newest and oldest of metanarratives is globalization.




> Eric...
> no no no - what it shows is the opposite, it confirms the meaning of
> globalisation as being precisely for 'development'.  Nation state
> globalisation is the current operational form of globalisation, with a
> few extra-national organisations. The purpose of globalisation is 1)
> development and  2) continuing dominance of G20 countries... why did you
> think it was different?
> The rest of the world is being quiet... the G club is growing...
> regards
> sdv
> >What 911 has shown is the extent to which the US is the true
> >anti-globalist.  What it really wants is nationstateglobalism, to have
> >the best of both worlds, 19th century imperialism (ie. the oil fields of
> >Saudia Arabia) and 21st century space-time compression (what used to be
> >called fast track.)
> >
> >This might be possible if the rest of the world would simply remain
> >asleep and keep silent, but it won't and there's the inherent
> >difficulty. The clock is striking midnight and Minerva's cyberetic owl
> >takes flight at fright.
> >
> >eric
> >
> >


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