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Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 18:04:00 +0000
Subject: refugees and migrants UK


As part of the British Govenment's disgraceful and increasingly racist 
behavior it has begun to think in terms of introducing policies that aim 
to integrate people who ask for 'citizenship' through giving 
integration, cultural and language lessons on Britishness.

The reason this sudden departure is the ongoing orchestration of the 
anti-refugee/migrant issue by the state/media nexus.

The notion of a community and a collective, in this case British and the 
British people, is always, as in every case that attempts to name and 
engender a community that mirrors a reactionary ideology results in a 
disastrous and horrible evil event, (in its 20th C extremes this was 
Nazism),  in this case the reactionary use of the word British or 
English has a single purpose to persecute and oppress those who live in 
the UK under the completely arbitrary naming of them as refugees and 

For this reason I am rethinking the issue of 'difference' I think i/we 
have been wrong to begin to abandon the concept as not useful...



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