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Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 18:40:46 -0600
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I thought this was very well put. As I said before, I do find the N&H
thesis a appealing one and I also like the Molotov cocktail of rhizome
and revolution. 

Burroughs has said language is a virus and perhaps the multitude can be
described as a computerized virus, a runaway mechanism of desire. Words
are not fixed or static things, but pilgrims on the dusty trail to the
new Babylon, the brickabrack paradise, a yes the masters can't deny
because of the law that desire is creation.  

The multitude breeds beautiful monsters full of fearful asymmetry fresh
from the furnace of Los. The dark satanic mills become as gardens
blossoming in the neon dawn. Swords beat into electric guitars. Hope
does handsprings eternally.

Badiou talks about the contemporary political from in terms of what he
calls "obscure events."  

"This is not the place to say whether these events, in terms of pure
facts, were favorable or ill-fated, victorious or vanquished. What is
sure is that we are in suspension of their naming as political events."

You write:

> the USA will obviously do anything
> it can to remain at the pinnacle - probably resulting in more than one
> nasty war. This does not mean that the underlying thesis of Empire and
> globalisation is incorrect. It simply explains why the USA
> consistently behaves badly - from Kyoto, third world debt, to its
> refusal to sign the Biological Warfare treaty.
> Will the USA go to war with China in the next 20 years - probably,
> will it go to war with the EC in the next 20 years possibily, will it
> bomb some other third world country in a colonial action with the help
> of the G20 coalition definitely....

This is basically all I was attempting to say. I think the main
difference between us is mostly a matter of judgement concerning the
relative power of the US vis a vis the G20.  I am not necessarily
pessimistic, but I am wary.  The conflict proceeds at multiple levels.
Let's hope the regressive movement (Thantanos) and its death mask can be
contained and perhaps even transformed.

Next year in the counter-Empire!



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