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Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 10:45:47 +1000
Subject: Re: Thantanos


Any relation to "thanatopolitics", or biopolitics, or being the "world's

"We can say now that the true object of the police becomes, at the end of
the eighteenth century, the population; or in other words, the state has
essentially to take care of men as a population.  It wields its power over
living beings and its politics therefore has to be a biopolitics.  Since the
population is nothing more than what the state takes care of for its own
sake, of course, the state in entitled to slaughter it, if necessary.  So
the reverse of biopolitics is thanatopolitics.(Foucault)

> This is basically all I was attempting to say. I think the main
> difference between us is mostly a matter of judgement concerning the
> relative power of the US vis a vis the G20.  I am not necessarily
> pessimistic, but I am wary.  The conflict proceeds at multiple levels.
> Let's hope the regressive movement (Thantanos) and its death mask can be
> contained and perhaps even transformed.
> Next year in the counter-Empire!
> eric


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