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Subject: Re: ethics: Badiou
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 13:35:14 +0800


> 1. The Manifesto of Philosophy

My library doesn't have this, must find elswhere.

> What is more direct and perhaps easier to discuss is Badiou's notion of
> philosophy as contained in four quadrants - the matheme, the poetic, the
> political and love.

Cool. Is that the playing field then?

> 2.  The Clamor of Being - this is Badiou's book on Deleuze.  It is a
> very metaphysical reading (which like Manifesto also makes a very
> interesting analysis of Heidegger).  The central point seems to be a
> critique of Deleuze's univocity of being concept and the virtual dynamic
> that derives from it. It is also interesting because it gives as much
> information about Badiou's philosophy as it does about Deleuze's.

I have this one (I was wondering what Badiou makes of D&G's perspectival
simulacra??), I have yet to read it.



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