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Subject: Badiou and Levinas.
Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 00:37:54 +0800

Umm, just one more thought...

What I understand about Badious's main objection to Levinas's
Altogether-Other is that after a period of time it escapes the 'Void' (if it
was ever there?), and becomes a reference point from within, although not
necessarily so...

That is, the process of Truth-becoming after the event is an opportunity for
a radical revision of perspective, the Altogether-Other, if it is apriori
situated (and from my understanding of Levinas, it is ie as God) does not
allow for such a revision. The Altogether-Other perpetuates, through a
closed loop, the beliefs to be held as Truth before the event. Therefore it
is possibly an 'Evil' of simulacrum and terror!!!

Of course, what if the Altogether-Other is a Truth, and the reinscription of
it is regarded as 'perseverence', well, to rework an example from Badiou,
then that is like asking "Is this love?" (Was there any 'falling in'?)
Badiou requires self evidence, but a self evidence that cannot be
communicated, yet it is 'known'. (Eh???)



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