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Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 19:03:16 +0100
Subject: Re: Different approach to terrorist threat


Thanks much appreciated.



Shawn P. Wilbur wrote:

>It looks like the EZLN has avoided terrorist status, as have the rest of
>Mexico's insurgent groups. But that could certainly change now, depending
>on the needs of the Mexican state, the development of Plan Pueblo-Panama,
>the progress of the drug interdiction campaign in the south, pressure from
>other nations (such as the US.) Fox had put out a call to negotiate, but i
>have heard little about any positive responses. The lesson of the San
>Andres Accords probably looms large in the minds of Mexican rebels. 
>Columbia may be one of the places to watch for signs of intensification of
>"counter-terrorism" aimed at insurgent groups. And, of course, (US)
>domestic groups like Earth Liberation Front are starting to find
>themselves dealt with in those terms. Action against anti-globalists has
>already made use of racketeering statutes. It will be worth watching any
>attempts to redefine protest actions further. The Omnibus Counter
>Terrorism bill already attempted to redefine some forms of information
>dissemination in terms of aid to terrorists. Some of the most significant
>threats to domestic freedom in the US could come through the very broad
>language being used to characterize such "aid." The with us or against us
>approach could get pretty draconian, if given even a few legal
>teeth. Maybe it's not such a bad time to be failing as a radical
>bookseller... =(
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