File spoon-archives/lyotard.archive/lyotard_2001/lyotard.0110, message 69

Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 19:11:31 +1100
Subject: Re: terror

Steve wrote,

>From here it seems obvious that both the terrorists and the G8 are
>plainly unjust, but let me be fair - it is extremely hard to decide if
>the criteria for the evaluation of whether a given act is just or
>unjust, are real or not. The ethics of the situation become extremely
>problematic since it is impossible to compare like for like. It is
>almost as if  it is up to everyone to decide for themselves..


Unfortunately, both religious and irreligious are hooked on sacrificial
death.  That sentiment of sacrifice is at the center of Christianity as well
as Bin-Laden''s  heaven-bound suicides.



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